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Cllr Dermot Lacey

Representing Pembroke-South Dock Ward on Dublin City Council
Dermot Lacey is a Labour Party Councillor for the Pembroke-South Dock Ward on Dublin City Council. Dermot has been a member of Dublin City Council since 1993, and lives in Beech Hill, Donnybrook.
On this website, you can see the latest issues Dermot is dealing with, as well as details of his current campaigns. Why not click on our RSS feed to keep up to date?

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Letter to the Editor: National Anthems and All That

The Editor, Letters Page, The Irish Times       Dear Editor,   Brian O’Connor’s article on playing the National anthem reminds me of the Dublin City Council Executive who, many years ago, objected to my motion that we should fly the Dublin colours  whenever Dublin reached at least the provincial finals, that “ it […]

Letter to the Editor: Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government

The Editor, Letters Page, The Irish Times.     Dear Editor,   Your editorial (22nd August) suggests that the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government would be better off concentrating on density rather than height issues. I disagree. The best thing that Department could do would be to stop interfering. It has done far […]

Letter to the Editor: Data Protection & Housing

The Editor, Letters Page, The Irish Times.   Dear Editor,   Bon Frewen  (letters 17th August) rightly questions the role of the Data Protection Commissioner. The same Commissioner has recently blocked Councillors from exercising our supervisory role (not an allocation role) in relation to Housing in Dublin City Council. This does not serve citizens well. […]

Letter to the Editor: Contribution of Tom Johnson

The Editor, Letters Page, The Examiner,   Dear Editor,   Gerard Howlin ( Opinion 3oth March) rightly praises the early leaders of this State for cementing our Parliamentary Institutions. Yet, once again in the narrative of our country’s history, the name of the one person who, more than many, ensured that the new Dail Eireann […]

Letter to the Editor – Decentralisation & Devolution

The Editor, Letters Page, The Irish Times,   Dear Editor,   Tomas M Creamer ( letters 19th March) refers critically to the presence of the Head Quarters of the Civil Service and our decision making Institutions in Dublin. I agree – it is why I enthusiastically support Decentralisation. Devolution being another necessity as well. When […]

Letters to the Editor: Local government reform

The Editor, Letters Page, The Irish Times. Dear Editor, It was interesting to read the report ( March 17th) on the new exhibition on the construction and destruction of The Custom House and of the Local Government staff who were dismissed for participating in the Rising. I suppose there would be no room big enough, […]

Letter to the Editor: Local Government property transactions

Published in The Irish Independent 9th April 2015. Dear Editor, The Irish independent and Paul Melia are to be congratulated on the continued and informed focus on Local Government as evidenced by the article on Council owned property ( 8th April). However it should be noted that, in one of the huge number of oddities […]

Letter to the Editor: Pobal

Published 8th April 2015  The Editor, Letters Page, The Irish Times Dear Editor, Your report regarding the possible closure of the two Sports Centres in “disadvantaged areas” refers to the decision of Pobal recommending against ongoing funding. The right of this largely unaccountable body to make such a decision seems not to be questioned at all. That […]

McGurk wrong again (Letter to the Editor)

24th August 2014 The Editor, Letters Page, Sunday Business Post.   Dear Editor, In an otherwise laudatory and deservedly so, tribute to Albert Reynolds, Tom McGurk (SBP 24th August) made an extraordinary, but telling point. He queried how anyone could believe that “somehow the Presidency of the High Court was of more national significance than […]

Tom McGurk & Sinn Fein

17th December 2013 The Editor, Letters Page, The Sunday Business Post Dear Editor, The problem with Tom McGurk, from my perspective, is that he sees everything, in this State, from a Northern perspective. He would possibly say that, one of the problems with me, is that I see things from a 26 County perspective. The […]

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