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Cllr Dermot Lacey

Representing Pembroke-South Dock Ward on Dublin City Council
Dermot Lacey is a Labour Party Councillor for the Pembroke-South Dock Ward on Dublin City Council. Dermot has been a member of Dublin City Council since 1993, and lives in Beech Hill, Donnybrook.
On this website, you can see the latest issues Dermot is dealing with, as well as details of his current campaigns. Why not click on our RSS feed to keep up to date?

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Emergency motion: Strand Road

Emergency Motion for the South East Area Committee 12th October 2020 “This Committee notes the serious and constructive work engaged in by the STC Community Group (Serpentine Avenue/Tritonville Road, Claremont and other Adjoining Roads) in preparing the Strand Road Trial Rapid Deployment Cycle Route – An Alternative Proposal and requests the Chief Executive to assess […]

Martin McEvoy Conference on Mayoral Governance in Dublin

I recently participated in the Martin McEvoy Conference on Mayoral Governance in Dublin at DCU.  You can see my contribution here: If you’d like to hear more from the conference, you can see all the contributions on the NorDubCo YouTube channel.

Housing article – Sunday Business Post

This is the full original text of an article submitted to the Sunday Business Post, an abridged version of which was published in last Sunday’s edition. For those of us on the broad Left, Housing has always been a key issue. It is the issue, more than any other that keeps me in public life. […]

Longboat Quay

Article published in the Evening Herald, Thursday 1st October 2015 Imagine the joy of moving into your nice new shiny apartment in the nice new shiny Dublin Docklands. Dreams and hopes of a good life ahead. Thoughts of walking to work in shiny new Google land up the road, going to the theatre in the […]

Poolbeg decision was wrong, but so is attack on the City Manager

Article published in the Evening Herald, 27th August  2015 It is rare that I come to the rescue of Dublin City Council chief executive Owen Keegan and, as a 15-year campaigner against the Poolbeg incinerator it might be surprising that I do. However, the populist attacks on him by some politicians for simply doing the […]

Blocking Property Tax is not the Solution

It is extraordinary, indeed somewhat surreal, that once again we are having a debate on the introduction of a Property Tax/Council Charge in the absence of virtually any contribution from those who actually work within the local government sector and who try to make a dysfunctional system work at all. Instead we have had myriad […]

Dublin Mayor

This article first appeared in the Sunday Times’ “Think Tank for the 21st Century” on May 27th 2012. “Let us choose our own Mayor” asked Justine Mc Carthy, Sunday Times 8th May. I agree. For Ireland’s sake, Dublin needs to run Dublin. The present situation in which an array of Quangos, unaccountable State Bodies and […]

Why I wear my woggle

This article was published in the Irish Independent‘s Weekender magazine on March 31st, 2012. What do Tony Benn, Tony Blair, The Edge, David McCullagh, Paul McCartney, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, virtually every American President since the early 1900’sand most of the NASA Astronauts who walked on the Moon, have in common – among other things, they were […]

Speech on Local Government Efficiency Review Report

Speech delivered to Conference on Local Government Efficiency Review Report Wexford. 1st October 2010 “In considering the contents of this Report you have to first of all consider where it emanated from, what was its purpose and who compiled the Final Report. On all three fronts I believe that Local Government and therefore the ordinary […]

Speaking at the launch of the family Support Workers Network

“I am glad to be here at what is an important occasion for Family Support Network. Clearly this is a difficult time for all us involved in the response to the Drugs crisis. That is as true for those of us on the Task Force as it is for community groups and people such as […]

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