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Dermot Lacey is a Labour Party Councillor for the Pembroke-South Dock Ward on Dublin City Council. Dermot has been a member of Dublin City Council since 1993, and lives in Beech Hill, Donnybrook.
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Planning Submission on Berkely Court & Jury’s Hotel Site

Planning Officer,
Dublin City Council,
Civic Offices,
Wood Quay,
Dublin 8.

Re: Proposed Development at former Berkley Court and Jury’s Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Dear Sir,

As a Councillor I have had a number of opportunities to comment on the above application. I wish simply to re-emphasize the view outlined at the Area Committee that if this application is approved, it would represent a breach of the City Development Plan and prove injurious to the good planning of the area.

As I have previously stated, some of the plans for this site are bold and imaginative – and indeed they are. It could be said that they are perhaps perfectly designed for a nice new site – in Dubai. Or maybe some of the areas considered appropriate for high rise developments in the study commissioned by the City Council. Ballsbridge however is not Dubai and it is not one of those areas.

Nor is Ballsbridge a Greenfield site. It is a place where people live. It is where families have grown up, scattered and returned. It has sense of community. It has a history, a heritage and a genuine sense of place.
It has already been damaged immeasurably by poor planning and an avalanche of office and commercial development. With the recent release of large tracts of land for development the opportunity and obligation
to ensure good quality planning now is paramount.

I do not doubt the quality of the design, submitted by Mr Dunne and his company, Mountbrook Homes, I have acknowledged this before. I welcome too the amount of publicly accessible open space proposed and the general permeability of the site outlined in the plans. The commitment to the 20% Social and Affordable Housing, to be provided within the general Dublin South East area, given by Mr Dunne is also positive as
are the range of community, arts and civic elements of the proposal.

So what is so wrong with the plans? Clearly the proposal to have a thirty-seven storey tower has received significant media attention and would be completely out of character with the area. The seventeen storey
development near the Shelbourne Road side has received less attention. Both are inconsistent with the City Development Plan and both would tower over the local area and peoples homes. The plans provide for a
huge increase in commercial and retail activity, again inconsistent with the City Development Plan so painstakingly put together only three years ago. The intensity of the proposed development is apparently necessary because of the huge price paid for the land. If this becomes the yardstick for planning decisions we can say goodbye to any serious planning controls and a continuation of the spiraling house prices that
has already driven so many from the area. It is time to say stop.

The motion (copy attached) adopted by the City Council at its meeting on Monday 1st October provides us all with a way forward. I ask that you take on board the terms of that motion and this submission and Refuse

Yours sincerely,

Dermot Lacey

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